Vento Cafe & Lounge

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Vento Cafe & Lounge

Vento cafe & lounge is a vivid heart of our object. Here new acquaintances bloom, and time passes by pleasantly and relaxingly. That exceptional atmosphere, this artistry of bartenders make you feel like staying there forever. Magic evenings at the live music are a rare opportunity for making new acquaintances or having great fun with your family, friends or businesspartners.

And when the time passes by so carelessly, just savour  a cup of our delicious coffee, a rich palette of wines and cocktails composed like the best symphony of beethoven.

Our bartenders will surprise you with their knowledge and skills, preparing drinks even of the most unmatching ingriedients you could ever imagine. We treat every guests individually. Let us discover your tastes and preferences – we’ll read in your eyes like the best psychologist. Simply take a seat for a while...

Vento Cafe & Lounge is supported by 'Event Bar' and 'Cocktail Bar 17 Schodów'.

Event Bar & Cocktail Bar 17 Schodów


Vento Cafe & Lounge