Culinary Arts


Ad Gustum ! – To your taste !

We pay special attention to the catering services so that  every stay in our centre provides our Guests with unforgettable experiences to. For years our pride is this unusual engagement of the head chefs when preparing wonderful breakfasts with live cooking and buffet dinners – that’s an awesome culinary show taking place in front of our guests.

For our honourable guests we have two menu cards.

Irrespective of the fact if it’s a family dinner, a romantic supper, or also a business meeting – our Velifiera Ristorante will be a perfect chance to try our menu along with a wine list . There’s no stay without a visit to this remarkable restaurant.
Our professional waiters will make every meal an unforgettable feast of senses, taste mugs and...memories.

For amateurs of tasty snacks we have prepared a Vento Cafe & Lounge menu. Our exceptional cuisine is based on low processed products and bio ingredients which are a pure guarantee of a heavenly ravishing taste and nutritious balance.

A prominent symbol of our a'la carte restaurant - Velifiera Ristorante – are excellent dishes of the Polish and international cuisine, served with grace and dignity. Both our cooks and waiters are the best specialists in their branch. In the evening, the Vento Cafe & Lounge offers light and healthy snacks, delicious cocktails and other alcoholic beverages served by our professional team of bartenders. In tastefully designed interiors the time will stand still, making you feel like a newborn baby…

We offer not only excellent breakfasts and dinners, but also romantic candlelit suppers or arrangements for special occasions.

Culinary Arts

Special offers

Marena offers a wide range of catering services. Our strength results from the experience, knowledge, creativity and commitments of the whole stuff. The events organized by Marena are truly unique and unforgettable - banquets, wedding receptions cosy meetings with your close ones – that’s what marks our existence.

We approach the needs of every single Customer individually, advising solutions and offering flexible and competitive prices. Our mission is a realization of the customer's order according to his needs and desires.
We know how much valuable the image and success of our Customers rare. Therefore, when creating and carrying out admissions, we care even for the tiniest detail.