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Eco Marena

What does it mean to live in harmony with the nature? How to do translate that fashionable word "eco"? Do we enjoy our lives? Are we content with the world around us? Perhaps we should rather change something but we are afraid of changes? Let’s remember that sometimes the sole obstacle hides in the corners of our mind. We are afraid of the unknown. The known and accustomed evil is better in our belief than the uncertainty of changes.
However, living eco doesn’t have to mean any sacrifices. Perhaps that’s what we have been waiting for through eternity?

    Holidays are a time of lightheartedness and sweet oblivion. It’s a time of wonders and unforgettable adventures. And the Wolin Island does cast spells. It enraptures and contradicts the existence of such a phenomenon as boredom!

But the Wolin Island is calling for help now! If we don’t start living eco, the next generations may not be blessed with admiring the local beauty.

In Marena Wellness & Spa we want to interfere with the nature as little as possible.  Providing our Guests with comfort and numerous facilities is truly possible, not meddling with the environment that much. Cleanness, segregation of rubbish and second living for our waste are the priority for us.

In addition, we are so discreet that our guests don't even notice a sequence of innovative technologies applied in our object.

We use renewable energy sources such as solar interceptors. However, we also never forget about the fact that ecology isn't only ecological energy sources. Our priority is namely a competent energy management – for example in the form of energy-efficient light bulbs or devices and effective installations in the whole complex.

We put particular attention on water pollutions which cause the greatest decline of our environment after all.

Laundries cooperating with us use only phosphorus-free washing powders. Phosphates are namely the cause of a considerably too high algal bloom of water in the Baltic Sea. Moreover, we also apply a functional system of the water softening which lets us use less detergents and cosmetics.

As our Guest, you do not have to worry about the environment. We’ll take care of the whole stuff ourselves. However, if you wish, you can also help us by:
- putting the lights out, when you don’t need them
- saving water
- asking for new towels and bathrobes only when needed (more rarely than every third day)
- segregating rubbish
- remembering that we don’t always need new plates or cutlery for every new dish during breakfast or dinner
- choosing bicycles, also moving around our complex
- keeping high standards of cleanliness on the beach and segregating rubbish
- travelling all over the region by train or bus - it is more environmentally friendly than another car.

The essence of Marena Wellness & Spa are also natural Alqvimia cosmetics applied in the spa studies, bread on natural leavening and without preservatives as well as the best quality dishes. Ecology is our middle name, indeed!

Here you will always find a pure hotel, pure green – in other words – pure pleasure!