Philosophy of the Sauna


Philosophy of the Sauna

In order to fully enjoy all the blissful properties which the sauna may bring to your health, bear in mind that there are a few basic principles to be followed if you do wish to benefit from your stay in the Mare Spa.


Philosophy of the Sauna


Thermoregulatory of the organism


The higher temperature of the air affects the effective giving heat by our body, leading to an increase of the blood flow in the skin tissue, as well as the extension of sweat and sebaceous glands which is particularly important for a healthier complexion. As a result, our blood pressure and pulse increase, which enables a better vascularization and regeneration of the whole body.


Excretion of toxins

The increased excretion of sweat allows skin to effectively rid itself of toxins and metabolic products.


Relaxation and regeneration

A stay in the sauna is an unusual situation, new for many of us, which may stress us a bit. Our body defends from the feeling of anxiety by secreting the so-called "happiness hormone" – the endorphin - well known for its blissful influence on our health and frame of mind.


Increased immunity

The temperature - once high and once low - allows us to increase the immunity capacity of our organism, especially through the increased excretion of the interferon which makes us immune to the attacks of viruses.


The aesthetic aspect


The increased perspiration leads to the reduction of the water level in the skin tissue, which is responsible for the effect of the so called water cellulite and swelling. In addition, the skin pores enlarge and open and the blood flow increases, which cleanse the skin tissue and make it flexible.





  • Loincloth, pareo, headgear - for increasing comfort of the sauna sessions, only natural materials (such as cotton or flax)
  • Towel to put on the bench so that you could sit down in a comfortable way
  • Flip-flops - to ensure the proper level of hygiene in the shower or on the communication routes in the wet zone
  • Cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing lotion
  • Drinking mineral water, preferably rich in salts and minerals





  • Swimwear, swimming shorts, flip-flops - their main ingredients are chemical substances (organic chemistry), namely derivatives of petroleum. The high temperature in the sauna releases numerous harmful substances, which our body rapidly absorbs, and the heated materials emit an unpleasant smell. Staying in the sauna in a bathing suit destroys the texture of the fabric and may lead to the risk of burn due to the excessive heat
  • Jewellery, watches - danger of scalding the skin
  • Phones - can get damaged, in the sauna we forget about the problems of the everyday life, so your phone as the so-called "lanyard" should stay in the room



Why do you use the sauna without a swim suit?


  • The ancient tradition and the sauna connoisseurs know it better
  • Health - naked body frees itself better from toxins, breathing more easily
  • You are not poisoning yourself as well as any other persons relaxing in the sauna by eliminating the toxic substances coming from the overheated bathing suites
  • Convenience – the temperature of our body is rising. Thus, our sauna session becomes more relaxing and we can enjoy its blissful impact on our body longer, our skin evenly rids itself of sweat and toxins, and a free gas exchange on the entire skin surface is possible
  • Saving money – we are not destroying our bathing costumes, which we should after all use in the pool.



Main principles of the sauna sessions:

  • A visit to the sauna should be planned in advance; a reasonable solution would be therefore a fixed date
  • You don't use the sauna right after a meal or with an empty stomach - your body should be rested and calm
  • You are here to forget about stress
  • Our comrades also have the right to some relaxation and privacy
  • Remember to have a shower before entering the sauna as well as to dry your body
  • Let's leave our swimwear in the dressing room or on the coat rack in the sauna zone. Here in the sauna you can wrap our body with a gentle towel/pareo of flax or cotton
  • After the sauna session, remember about taking a shower. Indeed, it is important to get rid of your skin perspiration and begin the cooling process
  • Remember that others also want to relaxation – you should be like a shadow – invisible and inaudible
  • You sit down on a towel, placing your whole body on it, by which you protect yourself and each other from the dissipation of sweat which later accumulates on the benches
  • Having left the sauna, remember about proper relaxation. How many minutes in the sauna, as many minutes of relaxation.
  • The higher, the hotter
  • Your breath is deep and steady
  • The sauna show takes up to 15 minutes and typically consists of up to three sessions with breaks for cooling and leisure



Rules in the steam bath.


  • Before you take a shower
  • You enter the bath naked, and if necessary, in a loincloth of natural materials such as cotton or flax
  • Before and after your visit in the bath you should flush the sitting place with water



Sauna excludes:


  • Wearing a bathing suit and/or flip-flaps
  • Entering without a greeting
  • Sitting down without a towel under your whole body
  • Loud conversations, comments
  • Peeping at the sauna visitors through the window
  • Entering and exiting every now and then, airing the sauna
  • Entering the sauna, pool without prior shower,
  • Pouring stones and/or benches in the steam bath without asking other persons for permission