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In the heart of a green pine forest, less than 150 m from the sandy Baltic beach in the holiday part of Miedzywodzie - Marena Wellness & Spa fulfills the highest hotel standards expected of an object in this category. Not only is our complex perfect for an active weekend in the circle of family or friends but it will also suit elegant business meetings or training sessions - combining the educational aspect with a pleasant unofficial part. The goal we constantly strive for is a modern approach towards the needs of our Guests and providing them with a wide range of services. Our epigraph reads as follows "Loyalty binds us" – on the grounds that we fully devote ourselves to the needs of our Guests.

Marena Wellness & Spa is a truly modern, wonderfully organized object surrounded by the overwhelming green. Spend here your unforgettable holidays with the family, find some time for a lazy weekend or a short trip with your better half. For young couples we propose also a comprehensive organization of wedding receptions which will remain in the memory of every single guest for ages. If a wedding, then only in Marena Wellness & SPA - both when it’s warm and when it’s cold.

The excellent conference back enables adapting the meeting cover exactly to the needs expressed by the organizer.


Marena Wellness & Spa is also greatly connected with the most significant cities of Poland which the example below clearly proves.

- 65 km from the airport in Goleniow (route: S3/3, 102),
- 100 km from Szczecin (route: 10, S3/3, 102),
- 645 km from Warsaw (route: S8, A2, 305, 92, 160, 24, 3/S3, 102),
- 320 km from Poznan (route: A2, 138, 22, S3/3, 102),
- 445 km from Wroclaw (route: 94, 36, 3/S3, 102),
- 40 km from the border crossing point in Świnoujście (route: 3, 102).